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With substantial teaching across institutions and curricula including MFA programs at Yale and the School of Visual Arts, Professor Lynch's teaching and course development include all levels of graphic design curriculum at Purchase College –from foundations to studio practicum and portfolio. 


Current courses include:

  • Word and Image 2

  • Advanced Typography

  • MG4D (Motion Graphics for Designers)

  • Community Design (studio practicum)

  • Junior Seminar (portfolio and design issues seminar)

  • Senior Project (capstone)


Teaching abroad in Purchase College summer programs in Pisciotta ITL and Antibes FR, Lynch's curriculum development includes the creation of new site-specific course offerings for non-arts majors.

As a member of the charter faculty of SVA's MFA program, Professor Lynch wrote a bespoke speculative design course suited to the program's Designer as Author pedagogy.

Lynch also authored the college’s Motion Graphics curriculum setting the groundwork for student careers at such entities as Comedy Central, Buck, Spot Co., Blue Sky Studios, Mtv, the New York Times and elsewhere. Recently she expanded Motion Graphics curriculum to include incidents of kinetic and animated works ranging from pre-cinema to AR.



Student Selects print, typography, and senior projects

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